For the center management is the AIcentro GmbH based in the heart of Munich city center and manages, among other things, the well-known Kaufingertor Passage, with over 14 shops and restaurants very close to Munich's Marienplatz. The passage connects Kaufingerstraße with Fürstenfelder Straße and also leads directly to CityQuartier Hofstatt.

The focus is on center management, the commercial administration of commercial and special properties and real estate marketing. For us, this means close contact with tenants and owners in order to promote decision-making processes effectively and in the interests of all partners.

We are the point of contact for all aspects of the property, from letting to long-term support for tenants, as well as commercial and technical administration. Solution-oriented discussions, on-site appointments, short response times, competent reporting and creativity bring us fun at work and satisfied customers.

+49 (89) 212 695 41

AIcentro GmbH 
Fürstenfelder Str. 9 
D-80331 München



For rentals in Kaufingertor you have the AIMMO GmbH gladly available.

Competent, transparent and with a focus on maintaining and increasing value, AIMMO GmbH is your reliable contact for the (further) rental of real estate. The AIMMO GmbH takes over the complete processing of all rental tasks



+49 (8121) 6054196

Herdweg 23 
D-85652 Pliening

Opening times

MO - SA 10:00 am - 8:00 pm 


Galeria Kaufhof
MO - SA 9:00 am - 8:00 pm

Car Park
SO - DO 8:30 am - 21:00 pm
FR - SA 8:30 - 22:00 pm


Rental Service


Kaufingerstr. 9
D-80331 München


Phone: +49 89 212 695 -41
Fax: +49 89 212 695 -46