Die Bonbon Manufaktur München

Die Bonbon Manufaktur München

This is Munich’s very first manufacture for traditional candies. In our transparent factory the production of candies can be observed in front of your eyes and is made according to your individual wishes. You will be able to experience “live” production of various sweets or simply be inspired by the offering in our shop. Choose your candy according to your favourite flavour, shape, colour, size and season or find out more about our individual order service for private or professional occasions.

Come over and try!

Opening times

MON  SAT 10.00 am  20.00 pm

Galeria Kaufhof
MON  SAT 09.00 am  20.00 pm

SUN  THUR 08.30 am  21.00 pm
FRI  SAT 08.30 am  22.00 pm


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